The Social Studies Techbook Discovery Education: 31 Days of Posting

Today, we are starting to look at the Social Studies Techbook. This is a new exploration for me as I have spent most of my time working on the Science Techbook. We can start by looking at some of the enhancements that have been put in place.

To work on getting more in-depth knowledge, I am going to one of the interactive courses, or step by step guides in the Professional Learning Center.

The learning targets are a good way to get a sense of what can be learned from the interactive course:

Learning Targets
At the end of this course, you’ll understand how to…

  • navigate within and between Social Studies Techbook Courses, Units, Chapters, and Concepts
  • utilize the 5E Model of Instruction and the Model Lessons
  • access and use the Toolbar
  • leverage the Dashboard to make instructional decisions
  • assign content to a class or group of students

The introductory video is really helpful, especially with tips on how to navigate between different courses and units. The material in the Techbook is easily assigned to students and the entire Content Collection of Discovery Education is available when needed for assignments and research.

These videos, up to 20 minutes of material, are really helpful.

To move successfully through the instruction guide, you actually need to do short assessments – not a bad way to make sure you are figuring out the essentials as you move through the step by step guide.

The model lesson function is very effective and this follows the same format as the Science Techbook including suggested strategies and times for teaching the various concepts in the unit.

The Core Interactive Text (CIT) is really interesting and it can be used by students in a variety of important ways. With Core Interactive Text, text can be read aloud, highlighted, or annotated with sticky notes. Select any text in Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, or Evaluate, and a reader tool will appear.

The Social Studies Techbook also contains a dashboard which is an excellent way to monitor the learning taking place in class.  The Dashboard is a data collection and student engagement tool. All data collected from completed student activities within Social Studies Techbook, including embedded technology-enhanced item responses, feed to the Dashboard. This where your assessment will be collected for all your classes and assignments.

The course finishes off with a certificate which is always nice!

I hope you get a chance to use this wonderful resource. Maybe one day there will be a Canadian edition – now that would be very exciting – think of all the wonderful digital content that could be made available to our students!

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